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Deadline for entries 25 June 2019


This 44-page document provides the best practices for Gender Mainstreaming in the South African private sector. It is the result of over two years research by Business Engage into international trends. Over two hundred global academic papers, commercial reports, blogs and general articles have been perused and combined with local knowledge.

The Gender Mainstreaming Awards are sponsored by PwC.


Download the Best practices in Gender Mainstreaming in the private sector e-book


Gender Mainstreaming Awards

Business Engage has developed the Gender Mainstreaming Awards to encourage private sector to buy-in to achieving more meaningful representation of women in the mainstream of business.  The Gender Mainstreaming Awards are sponsored by PwC.

We hereby invite your company to participate and to nominate individuals for the individual awards. There are various categories to fit in with the level of diversity that your company is currently at.

As gender diversity is still fairly new worldwide, we understand that many companies are just starting on their journey. Do not be put off by this. You are encouraged to use the awards as a springboard to further achievements. There is no cost to submitting an application. All applications are done online under the Enrolment Form tab.  The programmes may be from South Africa and/or international programmes.  It is a condition of entry that finalists attend the Gender Mainstreaming Awards event.

The Awards will target the Private Sector, but will also allow for a certain number of categories to involve government.

The next Gender Mainstreaming Awards event is scheduled for 12 September 2019 at Ticketpro Dome Main Arena, Northgate.  

There is opportunity to be one of the sponsors and partners of this event. We would be happy to discuss this further:


Colleen Larsen

CEO : Business Engage

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