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Deadline for entries 25 June 2019

This Mainstreaming Human Rights Award will be awarded by the Human Rights Commission, a Constitutional institution established in terms of the Constitution Act 108 of 1996.

Through its networks such as the NHRI, the SAHRC would provide nominees with the following "rewards";

*  Through the SAHRC partnership with the United Nations Division for Social Policy and Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs; the SAHRC will provide a training course on Disability to  

    the winning department.  This training will be provided for thirty participants over a four day course at the SAHRC facility in Braamfontein.

*  Technical support for development of Human Rights Mainstreaming Policy for the department.

*  Rewards such as electronic equipment.


Mainstreaming HUMAN RIGHTS


Mainstreaming human rights; especially rights of vulnerable groups such as children, women, people with disabilities into all of the  work of government so as to bring about humane and dignified government

services to all.

Three criteria will be used in judging this award;


i)  Policies

ii) Programmes

iii) Services


In addition to these criteria, nominees will also be provided with a `'Best Practise Model" where they can provide a write up on why (and how) they believe their government department has mainstreamed human rights.


Category of AwardAspects Adjudicated UponWeightingIndicatorExample
Mainstreaming Human Rights Policies 30 Staff Policies include human right considerations

Recruitment Policy that is in line with Employment Equity;

Employee Policies : Human Resources that include provisions for:

*  Family Resonsibility

*  Promote, Acknowledge Diversity within Family

Programmes 20

Human Development: Staff training on human rights

Dedicated Unit/Section that monitors Human Rights implementation

Staff training on human rights and the constitution


*  Unit for Vulnerable groups; children; gender; disability; etc.

*  Unit has staff component that is able to implement programmes.

*  Budget allocated to unit for implementation or programmes.

 Services  20 Specific services for different vulnerable groups

Specific services for children; women; people with disabilities.

Human Rights awareness is provided at service points Information desks where service users can access information about human rights, constitution or law that governs the department and the related service.
 Best Practise Model 30

Is the government department responsible for preparing country report on any of the `international or Regional instruments (obligations) that South Africa has committed itself to?

What has the department done to raise awareness about South Africa's obligations?

What other work has the department done to mainstream human rights?