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Deadline for entries 25 June 2019

Equal Representation & Participation Award

The draft Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill states "All entities must, within their ambit of responsibilities develop measures to achieve at least 50% representation and meaningful participation of women in decision-making structures".

This award recognises government departments that have developed strategies or have already implemented measures for the progressive realisation of a greater representation and meaningful participation of women in decision-making structures, which must include—

(a) setting targets for such representation and participation;

(b) building women’s capacity to participate;

(c) enhancing the understanding and attitudes of men to accept the capabilities and participation of women as their equals; and

(d) developing support mechanisms for women.


Category of AwardAspects Adjudicated UponWeightingWhat Information Needs to be FurnishedCriteria being applied in measurement
Diversity & Transformation Award Design and Innovation 30 Detailed Overview of the Programme Design, Innovation, detail and planning of the programme
Management 10 How the programme is/was managed People involved / Frequency of meetings / Monitoring of implementation / Systems Utilised
Communication 10 How the programme was communicated To Whom / Medium / Frequency / Format
Return on Investment / Business (Economic) Impact 40 Impact of the programme Contribution to sustainability / profitability/ROI
Gender Targets (Broad Base) 10 Who the beneficiaries were Number of women/percentage of staff/targets achieved


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