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Close Date extended to 23 June

Application process

We invite your company to participate in our next Gender Mainstreaming Awards. There are various categories to fit in with the level of diversity that your company is currently at.

As gender diversity is still fairly new worldwide we understand that many companies are just starting on their journey. Do not be put off by this. You are encouraged to use the awards as a springboard to further achievements. There is no cost to submitting an application. All applications are done online on the Enrolment Form tab.  


Participation is open for companies that have started putting in place strategies for gender mainstreaming or that have achieved success in gender mainstreaming in South Africa and/or internationally..  


Steps involved in the application process:


Complete the application by 19 June 2017.  Either online or by downloading a copy of the entry form onto word and completing the document.  If entry forms are downloaded, please e-mail the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Applicants are shortlisted by the judges.(Refer to our awards criteria)


Shortlisted companies are interviewed by the judges on 27-30 June 2017, depending on which categories were entered. (See below for dates)


Notification of finalists for the Gender Mainstreaming Awards ceremony -  10 July 2017.

Finalists submit hi-res company logo and 2 minute corporate video.

Finalists agree to use of logos for marketing purposes (specifications to be provided).


Gender Mainstreaming Awards – 7 September 2017.

Judging Dates

27 June Investing in Young Women
  Women Empowerment in the Community
Economic Empowerment
 28 June Women Empowerment in the Workplace
Equal Representation and Participation
Private Sector and Government Departments
Diversity and Transformation
Women and Disability
Private Sector and Government Departments
 29 June
Women Empowerment in the Workplace
Private Sector and Government Departments
 30 June Women on Boards
Women in Multinationals
Mainstreaming Human Rights - Government Departments
      We reserve the right to
      • increase the number of days for judging and
      • increase the categories and allocate additional judges
      • merge categories where appropriate
      depending on the number of shortlisted companies 


      It is a condition of entry that the

      • finalists attend the Awards event
      • Gender Mainstreaming Champion attends the following event as Ambassadors and hands over the Gender Mainstreaming Trophy to the next winner as per the precedent set by the previous winners.  Business Engage will meet with the Gender Mainstreaming Champion to discuss process.