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Deadline for entries 25 June 2019

Women on Boards Award (includes executive committees and pipeline development)

The board and / or executive committee of an organisation is a group within that organisation which has the authority to make decisions and ensures that these decisions are carried out. 

The crux of this award is to recognize and acknowledge companies that have successfully transformed their boards and / or executive committees whilst ensuring that aspiring female directors / executives are judged on their corporate governance skills and experience and not their gender. It seeks to acknowledge companies that have managed to put politics aside and let their experience and skill speak for them. 

We are mindful, however, that in order to reach this status, a pipeline programme is required to make available this talent for consideration.   

This reward also recognises corporates that have put in place programmes to shift the statistics in terms of women on boards and / or executive committees through a pipeline programme geared towards successful board and / or executive committee appointments.


In summary therefore, entries may be based on: 

1) Transformation of board; and/or

2)  Transformation of the executive committee; and/or

3)  Pipeline development




Category of AwardAspects Adjudicated UponWeightingWhat Information Needs to be FurnishedCriteria being applied in measurement
Women on Boards Award (including Executive Committee and Pipeline) Design and Innovation 30 Detailed Overview of the Programme Design, Innovation, detail and planning of the programe
Management 10 How the programme is/was managed People involved / Frequency of meetings / Monitoring of implementation / Systems Utilised
Communication 10 How the programme was/is communicated To Whom / Medium / Frequency / Format
Return on Investment / Business (Economic) Impact 40 Impact of the programme Contribution to sustainability / profitability/ROI
Gender Targets (Broad Base) 10 Who the beneficiaries were/are Number of women/percentage of staff/targets achieved