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Category: Women Empowerment in the Workplace


Vicky is a seasoned CEO / EVP / Strategic Consultant & Freelancer with experience across countries, continents, cultures, currencies and HQ levels in Sub Saharan Africa, Middle East, UK and USA - in the following sectors: retail banking, global payments, financial services, financial inclusion and she is proud to collaborate with associated public sectors such as National Treasury, Reserve Banks, Regulators and joint non-profit working groups.

Vicky is a well-balanced leader of leaders and is skilled at building teams, utilising strategy and dialogue, to align people around a common purpose to make work meaningful, successful and rewarding. This can only be sustainably achieved if there is excellent execution and careful consideration of all communities, risks, costs, cultures, environments etc.

Vicky has worked with a variety of local and international organisations across the globe including FirstRand Group, MoneyGram International, United Bank for Africa, First Bank Nigeria, National Comercial Bank Saudi Arabia, Regus International, Santam and Hollard Insurance, Murray & Roberts Group, Habitat for Humanity etc. 

She is an adaptable creative entrepreneur and C-Suite Corporate Executive, Board member, Family member and has a Masters in Business Administration from Bond University Australia.

Vicky enjoys international travel, art, golf and the beach.

Her global business leadership and emerging market expertise has enabled the poorest of the poor to access affordable financial inclusion solutions (which do not require a bank account) which can be used easily through mobile phones.



Masters in Business Administration, Bond University, Australia (MBA)
Institute of Marketing Management Diploma (IMM)
Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA)